Welcome to our Website. 

We’re excited about our campaign for the North Dakota House of Representatives and look forward to visiting with you about the future of our community and state.  

As I’m making my way through the neighborhoods of our new legislative district, it’s great visiting with neighbors like you.  I’m anxious to hear your ideas, answer your questions, and discuss issues of importance to you.

I may have already visited with you at your front door. 

If I happen to miss you, if you have questions after

we’ve met, or if you’d like to visit right away, please

don’t hesitate to click here to contact me.

North Dakota is the envy of the nation and our Fargo-West Fargo area is one of the greatest communities anywhere.  

I ask for your vote to keep North Dakota moving in the

right direction!

Koppelman for House

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New Leadership for a Bright Future!

Paid for by District 16 Republicans, Dave Clemens, Chairman

Thank You!

Election Report:

District 16 voters elected Ben Koppelman as their State Representative in the 2012 election.

Garnering 2,910 votes, Koppelman was the top vote getter in the four-way House race.

A West Fargo native, Koppelman served for four years on the West Fargo School Board, including as its president in 2011-12.  He is also a member of the State Electrical Board.